Sashiprabhu Farmhouse

AREA: 5000 Sqft.
LOCATION: Haryana 

The project was to refurbish and renovate a 20 year old farmhouse covering an area of about 5000 sq.ft. on a 24 acres plot. The project showcases the client’s passion for their land and all the little details going within it. 

The farmhouse itself was segregated from the rest of the land with a lush green band of trees covering approximately about one acre. This one acre was kept free of any plantation to get a sense of expanse into the lands.
The farmhouse was planned with an open to sky courtyard in the centre and a living, dining + kitchen to its rear and a total of 4 bedrooms with 2 bedrooms on its either sides. At the rear opening up from the living and the dinning was a large verandah space for outdoor sitting, looking into the vast grassland area and the English boulevard beyond it. All the rooms were connected with each other by a semi covered passage around the courtyard with pillars on all edges.

The farmhouse was to be designed with a concept of an Indian rustic look, rather than a modern luxury farmhouse as one would see amidst the city. This was to be used by the clients in winters where they wanted to live the country life within a sustainable and a self-sufficient compound. The farmhouse was planned with a large sloping roof with terracotta tiles running in a U-shape covering all rooms. And a chimney was placed on sides for the fireplace of the living room and the kitchen exhaust.

The façade was kept minimal with just a few plastered mouldings at the roof top and around the large panes of Georgian bar windows and doors opening up on all sides of the house from every room. The furniture and artwork around the house have also been carefully picked to have Indian and classical touch. The colours and fabrics all bring about a rustic nature and vintage look into the interiors.

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