Residence 278

AREA: 365 sqm.
LOCATION: Gurugram

The clients had an affinity for travel particularly in the mountains and were a very outdoors and adventurous couple. They needed a place that would reflect this and would be a sanctuary of preservation for their memories and experiences.
The clients also loved the colour green which is probably due to their interest in travel, hence green highlights were used all around the design.In the entertainment floor the entire material palette used comprised of materials with a rugged texture such as stone, exposed bricks, wood, texture paint, all this bound together with plain white paint to enhance each character. The ceiling over the pool table had a design that was inspired from the lush green mountains and their geometry, along with a custom plant themed light growing out of it.
The TV lounge had an undressed rough stone back wall and a ceiling that takes inspiration from floral patterns. A custom bike was also a part of the rugged decor along with other travel souvenirs and memorabilia owned by the client. The flooring was kept light with grey stone and and dark colour stone for some accent. For the lounge area wooden flooring was used in herringbone pattern.
Apart from the common areas the floor had the bedrooms for the client and his family, each bedroom had a different theme that went with each of their lifestyle and would be a manifestation of their personalities. The client’s bedroom was designed as a ‘Hidden Forrest’. Designed as a serene space deep inside the ‘forest’. The son’s bedroom was designed around the theme of ‘Urban’ which portrayed a young and dynamic individual in a modern setting. MS sections were used for furniture fabrication which gave an industrial look and feel.
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