AREA: 100 sqft.

The brief was to design a temporary food stall that can be easily assembled and dismantled to put up at various food festivals.
The stall should sit within a ten foot front inside the usual tents that the organisers provide. The client being an experimental food chain with lot of abstract menu items, the concept was to develop something vibrant and catchy which depicts it.
The stall was designed with a combination of blue pastel shade, whites and walnut wood. The backlit signage and the logo was placed in a sloping roof look-a-like setup with artificial green vines behind it.
The menu of the stall was kept at the separator wall between the serving counter and the preparation area along with a TV displaying photos and videos of the abstract food items. Since their signature drink was served in a plastic bag with liquid nitrogen fumes, the same was replicated in a bigger backlit box with orange tinted glass filled with the gas grabbing the attention of any passer-by from the side aisles.
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