Realply Matecia

AREA: 132 sqm.
LOCATION: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

The Brief involved designing an experience zone for a leading veneer and plywood manufacturer. The space provided was 132 sqm. in area with 3 open sides. The program broadly consisted of spaces for wall panelling and samples, bar area, space for veneer display and discussion area.
The idea was not to make an exhibition stall but to treat the space as an installation which would highlight the uses of the products in all its forms. Our location provided us with connections at all 3 sides, hence the space was designed to have a diagonal entry and exit, by means of which we were able to give the visitor a similar experience no matter which side they would enter from.
The space provided lied on the axis from one of the hall entrance points, naturally it was anticipated that the visitors would come from there and that would act as our main access node into the space. Both the external walls that lied on our major axes had openings in them which made space for our samples so that a passerby could peek into the space and be intrigued to walk in.
For the interiors, the colour palette used had earthy and warm colours with a black undertone in order to highlight the products, it was conscious decision to not go with a very light filled space with lighter colours as is the norm for exhibition stalls. Since the client wanted to showcase their premium louvers and veneer panelling, all the panels were customised and then manufactured.
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