H-1/30 Residence

AREA: 300 sqyd.
LOCATION: Gurugram

The project is to design a façade for a 300 sq.yd. residence in Gurgaon. The existing 20 year old façade was a painted structure with old classical elements which the client wanted to change to a modern one with larger openings.
The design is to reflect the two generations of a family living together and must transcend generations to appeal to both and that shows with the materiality of the facade as stone signifies timelessness and the tile is the modern day alternative.
The idea was to create a better juxtaposition of balconies and projections to create a certain play and detailing in the façade. The material palate was beige and dark brown marble with Delhi stone highlight walls and champagne grey metal elements.
The entry starts with a sliding gate on one end of the property and a stone clad boundary wall with niches and a planter box. The ground floor has a parking lane and a front landscape court which leads to the entry of the house. The free corner column extending till the first floor roof is clad with beige and dark stone with neo classical fluting elements.
The first floor balcony had been primarily kept as a solid wall with just a corner glass railing to cater privacy. On the second floor, the corner has been opened up with large glazing and planters. Two metal columns are erected from this balcony going till the terrace to create a sense of verticality in the volume and a double height space.
The roof of all the balconies are cladded with wood to bring warmth and a soft colour with the minimal palate.
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