Gurugram Residence

AREA: 365 sqm.
LOCATION: Gurugram

The Brief was to design the facade for a Residential building. The plot area was 365 sqm. and the building was to be in a G+4 configuration with a basement. The frontage of the plot was quite decent hence the length to height ratio would result in a square form factor facade.
The initial idea was to add more verticality to the building in order to improve upon the proportions and scale of it so that one perceives the building to be more vertical rather than horizontal.
The concept involved working on the proportions for the building and improving upon it. To do so vertical elements were introduced to the facade, these elements had to serve a purpose and be well integrated with our design. The elements were used to conceal the services namely the AC outdoor units that were stacked on the farther ends on each side of the balcony.
These elements were used in the form of louvers clad in light grey tile, further dark colour tiles were used to border them so that these elements stand out and give a vertical dimension to our facade. Wooden louvers and green wall were also added to provide a break from materiality.
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