Grey Green Washroom

AREA: 1100 sqft 

The brief was to create a luxury washroom block of 1100 sq.ft. on a 4.5 acre green land. The block was ideally planned at a location with least interruptions to any further phase developments.
The block is divided into 4 zones, an entry foyer, a ladies washroom, gent’s washroom and a universal washroom. The exterior façade is kept minimal for future development with only an entry defined with a large solid wooden double door and a tile projection. On both sides of the entry are sitting benches which seem to cantilever from the wall and sits on a planter box on the other end.

The steps are finished with white stone and brass inlay work. The light fixtures are custom made and placed on a white tile with brass frame to create a modern luxury element. The entry foyer has a green wall in the front clad with white stone on the sides and a patterned wooden flooring. The side walls are clad with grey stony textured tiles with a white footer and vertical brass inlay strips. The doors of the individual washrooms are made of solid wood with walnut finish and has fluted glass in the center to blur the view yet creating some visual connection.

The ladies and gents washroom have a large floating island counter in the center with vanity storage below it. The counter has washbasins on both sides and a large brass framed hanging mirror in the center. Planter boxers have also been custom designed in the center of the counter and above the mirror to add color and freshness in the room. 

The walls of the washrooms have been clad with grey tiles with brass and white strips on three sides and one wall has a louvered tile as the highlight element creating a play of shadows. The flooring has a diagonal layout of tiles with wooden and brass bordering to it. In the ladies washroom, there is a dressing area and a changing station separately provisioned along the island counter.

The washroom has been visualized in total with a lot of green plants to compliment the minimal grey tones. And the furniture, and the theme paintings, add a pop of color to the walls as well.

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