Dorby Mica Exhibition Space

AREA: 108 sqm.
LOCATION: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

The brief was to design a 108 sq.m. exhibition stall for a Mumbai based laminate brand – Dorby Mica for the Matecia 2022 show at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The stall was a 9m x 12m corner space with a height restriction of 4.5m at the front and 4m at the rear.
The idea was not to showcase just panels with products but to create a concept which promotes the brand as a design based entity where a visitor is able to register the brand name and value, hence getting intrigued to look into their products later. The concept was to create an art pavilion and a lounge setup using their products, where people walk in, feel comfortable and cosy, and take a look at the walls and installations, as they would at any art gallery.
The necessary functions/zones to be created were a reception, a meeting area, a bar area and a store. Since it was a corner space, a defined entry and exit point was necessary to create the same kind of experience for every visitor. Hence the side was closed for entry with multiple feature elements, although allowing clear visibility into the stall. The reception was placed at the open front left corner accessible to everyone & the meeting table and the store were placed at the rear left along the side aisle. The bar area was placed towards the rear right closed corner at an angle to be able to utilize the corner and to create a large backdrop for it.
As one enters the stall near the reception area, the visitor walks through looking at the ceiling forms into a forest of tall columns exploring various zones and elements as it unfolds with every step ahead. A series of curated sculptures were designed with a theme of “Urban Reconciliation” and have been placed between the columns. These sculptures are all made using the brand’s laminate to showcase the product differently.
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