Cottage on a Terrace

AREA: 3500 sqft.

The brief was to design a terrace with landscaping and a few covered zones like the gym, bar area with sitting and an entertainment room. The concept was to visualize this space as a starkly different experience with nature amidst a busy posh area of the city.
As we enter the terrace, a person first sees a perforated backlit wall above the skylight and a vertical garden with a water body to its right. The water body has a Buddha statue in front on a three stepped pedestal. The Bar area is covered with a MS pergola with wooden trellis for a play of light and shadow. The sitting area has a wooden deck flooring and a sliding folding door opening itself to the vast terrace area seamlessly.
The walls are treated with Delhi Stone in a rubble masonry to bring it the feel of a small cottage in the hills. The gym area has an abstract slopping roof with wooden cladding and modernised beams from the bottom. And the whole structure is made of MS and Glass to give views of the green terrace at all points.
The entertainment room is made of solid walls except for the wide entry door for a private experience. The room has a partial treatment of raw Delhi stone masonry work to add the mentioned feel of a cottage in the hills.
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