Ardour Office

AREA: 365 sqm.
LOCATION: Gurugram

The Basement floor of a residential building in Gurugram was to be developed as an office for a maritime cargo logistics company. The aim was to build around the identity of the company and have something that shows what the brand strives and stands for.
The initial concept development involved the idea of having logistical container walls form the outer structure for the office and all of the furniture being carved out of airplane and container ship modules which would give it an industrial look.
All throughout the office space colours were added for the pop of colour as using just industrial grade material would make the space monotonous and bland. The shades for the colours matched the colours on actual containers. Tinted glass was also used for cabin partitions which also made the perfect background for all the cutout letters that went over it.
The furniture including the office tables and workstations were all custom made with M.S. sections, mesh and carefully sourced parts and modules out of airplanes and cargo ships from boneyards. Abstract forms were explored while designing the office tables and incorporated in design. Lastly planters and greenery was introduced into this scheme to make it more lively .
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