Apartment 2-6

AREA: 3000 sqft.

The brief was to redesign a floor of an independent residence with a carpet area of about 3000 sq.ft. The young couple needed their floor to be more modern, vibrant and playful than the rest of the house which had more of a luxury touch.
They wanted to design a lounge area with TV, a kid’s bedroom for 2 girls, their washroom, a play area, powder washroom and an office space in this floor. The idea was to provide a modern luxury feel with sleek minimal elements and bold colours.
The kids bedroom was designed to have 2 individual beds, 2 study tables and a lot of storage and wardrobe space for books and clothes. The backdrop of the beds have a animal themed wallpaper in an arch form and around it is pink pu painted fluted panelling with bluish green borders.
The kids play area was designed as a colourful vibrant space with a play house and a lot of storage space for toys. The left wall was treated with a jungle themed wallpaper artwork which extends into a pink fluted panel towards the rear. A few steps with brass railing leads the kids to above the storage unit from where they can enter the upper floor of the play house.
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